The Legally Binding Land-Use Plan ('Bebauungsplan') -
from concept to legal binding plan layout

Urban conception:
top view -> perspective view by cursor touch

The step to the legally binding plan layout:
concept layout-> legal binding plan layout by cursor touch
Display the legend of the
designation mask?

Minimum designation for a qualified Legally Binding Land-Use Plan (§ 30 Federal Building Code / BauGB):

1. space dedicated as public thoroughfares

2. plot area to be built on

3. type and extend of use for building

These three minimum designations are self-explanatory when moving
the cursor over the layered maps/images. For a suitable interpretation
of the so-called 'designation mask', an explanation of the mask can be displayed separately.

More information see book publication:

Stadtplanung in der Wissensgesellschaft,
(Urban planning in the Knowledge Society)
VS-Verlag, Wiesbaden 2005